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Jay Rayner mentions 24hourlondon in his restaurant column

By Emma Hartley - Fri, 6th Jul 2018

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Well, this is rather great. Jay Rayner has given us a mention in the Observer, pointing out – absolutely correctly – that we are the potential solution to the costly problem of restaurant no-shows: when customers book but fail to turn up to use their table. 

This is because we intend to monetise by allowing venues to reach our users by sending affordable push notifications with offers on them. So if, for instance, you are a restaurant that has had four tables of customers who have failed to show you could message our users within walking distance of the restaurant, offering a free aperitif / 10% off the bill / some other offer if they arrive in the next 20 minutes to eat.

In the mean time we're building our user base and if anyone would be interested in helping us to run an Adwords campaign please get in touch.

The restaurant review above our mention also looks like a good excuse to visit West Yorkshire... 

we to talk about late nights!