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By Emma Hartley - Tue, 20th Nov 2018

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One of the talks at the London & Partners programme – aka the mayor's business growth programme – was called Instagram for Business and I paid special attention because, theoretically at least, this is where on social media most of our potential users are. And now I'm trying out what I learned.

The challenge seems to be getting people to actually read the captions rather than just looking at the pretty pictures: we're getting loads of "likes" at the moment – yesterday's post is at 120 and counting – but disappointingly few follows. Perhaps the key is to make the pictures so intriguing that grammers feel an irresistible urge to go deeper – "Wow! What *is* that?" – and read the caption which in our case is all about the wonders of 24hourlondon, obv, in the hope of getting some traffic or downloads. 

I know a picture speaks a thousand words but as someone who's worked in broadsheet newspapers for 23 years the lack of emphasis on words feels a bit alien. Maybe I'll get used to it?

My Insta-education feels like a work in progress. All tips gratefully received. 

we to talk about late nights!