10% off tiramisu stout and limoncello IPA

By Emma Hartley - Mon, 18th May 2020

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ORA Brewing, the Italian-style brewery up in Tottenham Hale, is offering a 10% discount on their store price when 24hourlondon users place online orders. Delivery within two working days. 

Check out their Limoncello IPA and their Tiramisu stout – and then take a minute to admire the thinking of the people who conceived of and then executed the making of these products. 

I'm also really loving the design of their cans, which are so beautiful that putting them in the recycling bin is an emotional experience... although obviously your flat would end as a real tip if you didn't. The pic attached to this blogpost is from one of their Caronte modern pale ale cans.

Use the code TRYOUT to claim your 10% discount.


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