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24hourlondon investment opportunity

By Emma Hartley - Tue, 1st Jun 2021

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Are you an angel investor?

While lockdown has been dragging on and London's hospitality industry has been in crisis, we've reached a crunch point of our own here at 24hourlondon.

You know us as a part of London's hospitality industry, answering the question: which bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs are open late near you? But last April, when lockdown #1 happened, we'd already begun building some technology that was a response to research with some of our 500 or so London venues, asking what it was that they really want from the digital economy? The answer was footfall. And if it was true then, how much more pressing is that need is now?

By the time the build – which was intended to monetise us – was complete, so was lockdown. And so we had some time to test the technology out and really think about what we'd built. And several things became clear.

(1) The tech works much better than we expected. (2) We'd, almost accidentally, built a global advertising network in an app. This is because the new adtech allows any bar, restaurant, pub or club to reach our users with a notification when they pass within 200m of their venue – and this software works globally. And (3) the potential uses of this tech go far beyond the hospitality industry.

You might be interested to know that we've spent the last six months in talks with a handful of news groups about piloting the tech while our content about London hospitality has been in suspended animation. It's been really interesting and some of those talks are still ongoing: we think there is a very real opportunity there, for us and for the long-suffering news industry.

But now it looks as if London's bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs will be fully re-opening at some point in the not-to-distant future and we need to turn our attention back to 24hourlondon itself.

In addition to continuing to offer the high quality information about late-night London that we've always offered, we have added a page for offers and promotions: vouchers and money-off suggestions in map form. You'll also receive the odd notification on your mobile screen as you pass near the shops, bars and restaurants in question. And we have added a page for editorial.

In order to run the new technology at our end we need to employ two people: one to work with the advertising and another to produce some editorial for us. We'll be offering useful insider info and fascinating tales about this multifaceted city of ours. We'd also like to update our design and add some new functionality.

Maybe you can see the enormous possibilities that this presents?

If you can and you want to join us on this adventure, we're currently live on the Angel Investment Network. 

Or you can contact me directly at – I can share our business plan and pitch deck with you!

Help us help London's hospitality industry roar back to life. We'd love to hear from you.

Emma & Dean 
Cofounders of 24hourlondon

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