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24hourlondon now uses Transport for London

By Dean Jenkins - Wed, 27th Sep 2017

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We love getting to late night venues by the fastest route even if that involves the unique combination of walk, talk, tube, bus, cycle, and cab. Our city masters have created a great tool that pulls together all the available information on public transport and commuting distances and times on the Transport for London (TfL) website. It knows where every single tube and bus is.

24hourlondon now taps into that juicy detail to tell you the fastest way to get to your next drink / dance / thing / whatever.

So, if you are on Westminster Bridge (for example) and want to go to Palm Beach casino (in Mayfair) then tapping the information bar about the venue reveals the place details. It now includes a handy summary of how to get there. TfL does all the hard work coordinating the buses and tubes for you and 24hourlondon just displays it in a neat few sentences. Clicking the 'more from TfL' link takes you to enormous amounts of detail about your journey and options should you be so geekily inclined.

We are having great fun adding features as fast as we can to the 24hourlondon apps in the Android Play and Apple stores. What we need now is a few more party animals to try them out.

we to talk about late nights!