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“Our offer on 24hourlondon worked well for us and improved our footfall. We'd certainly recommend them to other venues.” Tim Oakley, House of Tippler, East Dulwich

“I'm not sure how you're doing this.” Google expert Jason Berryman on 24hourlondon's unique geofencing capability

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What we can do for you

1. 24hourlondon has two maps of what's open in London after 11pm: one map for everything and a separate map showing late-night food. If your hospitality venue is open until at least 1am at least twice a week we will add it to these for free. A steady stream of users arrive at 24hourlondon via Adwords because of this functionality.

2. We can put your business in touch with our 12k+ users by adding an offer to our all-day offers map. This means our users will receive a ping about your offer when they pass within 200m of your venue, so why not make it something that would make YOU walk into your bar or restaurant – or would return later to do so? This is a paid-for service and our rates currently start at £50 a month per venue including VAT.

3. We can also

  • message all our users directly about your offer @ £100 per ping
  • include your offer in our weekly newsletter to 200+ users @ £50 per entry
  • do social media about your offer on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels @ £50+ per package
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